• Image of Celtic Cross Tarot Reading
  • Image of Celtic Cross Tarot Reading

This is one of my favorite ways to do readings (Basically, everything is spelled out for you!)

This spread is great when you're wondering the outcome of something or trying to reveal the truth behind a situation; such as if you should continue seeing someone you just started dating, if your "friend" isn't what they seem to be, or if that new job opportunity is worth looking into. This spread can even be done, when you think something is off in your life, but you're not sure what...

When you order the reading, make sure to include what you would like to know from the cards in the notes of the order.

The first card is You and how you're generally feeling about the situation. The second card is the Issue at hand. The third card is how you're consciously feeling (the feelings you're aware of). The fourth is how you're subconsciously feeling (the feelings that aren't at the forefront or that you don't want to acknowledge). The fifth card is the Limitation; what may stop you from achieving your goal, what could come between you and your friend. Then the last card: The outcome: what may happen with the situation. After the reading, I will send you a picture of the cards along with a detailed email of what the spread might be trying to tell you!

If you choose the option "Reading sent in 1-5 days" your reading may still be delivered the same days as purchase, but for a guaranteed same day delivery, choose "Reading delivered same day as purchase." - Readings must be purchased before 8pm CST to be delivered same day - Same day readings may not always be available.

Love & Light,

Katie - The Wellness Witch