• Image of Broom Closeted Witch Mentorship - Vol. 1 - Prosperity Spell
  • Image of Broom Closeted Witch Mentorship - Vol. 1 - Prosperity Spell

*This month, you will learn a simple, yet effective Prosperity spell you can do on the down low that will help draw in prosperity and abundance.*

It can be tough when you live with people who aren't accepting of your craft. In reality, what Modern is, is shifting energy around, using natural things from the earth and doing Divination to find out more about yourself. Alas, some people still consider it "evil" and want nothing to do with it.

If this sounds familiar, you may be interested in my Broom Closeted Witch Mentorship program. Once or twice a month I offer a spell or ritual created especially for BCW (Broom Closeted Witches). The spells, rituals and tips are effective, yet allow you to practice on the down low. The spells will have ingredients that are easy to get a hold of and steps that don't involve burning herbs and drawing attention and judgement from the nay sayers.

Subjects covered will be everything from: Prosperity spells, love and self love spells, intuition opening spells, New and Full Moon rituals, Protection and anti-negativity spells, anti-anxiety spells, witchy self care rituals and more.

After purchasing, I will email you the spell or ritual. No subscription is required, so you can skip months whenever you please.

Looking forward to helping all of you BCW practice your craft!