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I get questions every day asking how to get started in witchcraft. While I post lots of tips on my Instagram, I know a lot of Baby Witches have specific questions about spells, rituals, crystals and more.

With the Baby Witch Mentorship, you'll be able to ask me as many questions about your craft as you like for the duration of a month. The mentorship will last for a month from the time it is purchased (i.e. October 22nd - November 22nd). This isn't subscription based, so no pressure to purchase every month!. An email will be sent towards the end of the Mentorship with an opportunity to renew for another month.

This can also be a Baby Witch/Broom Closeted Witch Mentorship if you need to know how to do everything on the down low! Just make sure to let me know in the notes or your order!

(There are also Discounted 3 month and 6 month options!)

Looking forward to helping all of you Baby Witches practice your craft!